Dayrit, Conrado S. (+)

M.D. Pharmocology, Cardiology

Academician Conrado S. Dayrit, a prominent personality in the field of pharmacology, cardiology and internal medicine has been regarded as the prime advocate of coconut oil. He was the president of the National Academy of Science and Technology from 1992-1999, and has been the president of the NAST Foundation since 1993. He also became the president of the Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies from 1996-1998.

Acd. Dayrit's significant contributions in the field of medical research have made him one of the most sought-after speakers in various fora. He has distinguished himself in important researchers in cardiology, pharmaceutical and health problems. He has likewise distinguished himself by establishing the first research laboratory in an all Filipino drug firm- the United Laboratories, where he retired as vice president at the age of 80.

Perhaps considered as one of his greatest contributions is his investigations into the medicinal and health value of the coconut oil, and eventually his defense which challenged the international medical community, including the World Health Organization, that coconut oil causes heart disease.

Acd. Conrado Dayrit has also given the country a prestigious slot in world history. Aside from his being recognized in the Who's Who in Science (1968) and Who's Who in the World (1969) and the various honors and recognitions he had received, his most recent awards were: the Lux-in-Domino Award given by the Ateneo de Manila University last 25 July 2006 and the 2006 Gintong Aklat Award Natural Science Category (August 28, 2006) and the 25th National Book  Award, Medicine and Health Category (August 29, 2006) for his book  "The Truth About Coconut Oil: The Drugstore in a Bottle."